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In Stock - Lion's Pride A Myrtle



Here is something special. This is a pre-owned Lion's Pride A. Based off of Leo's pride and joy it is a modern take on an iconic design. This bass is loaded with features and options and is very good condition. It can get just about any tone you are after thanks to the modern tone of the split coil pickups in the reverse p position and the highly versitile U-retro Preamp with a four-way selector switch for neck, both in series, both in parallel and bridge pickup. This gives you four distinct tones before you have even touched the preamp. The preamp features sweepable mids that go all the way down to 100hz and an ultra bright switch for that 7k sizzle when going for that slap tone that will stand out in a mix. This is the ultimate bass if versatility is your main goal. Call or email to get the lowdown on the selling price.

Scale Length: 35"
Strings: 5 String
Body: Alder
Top: Exhibition Grade Myrtle Burl
Back: No
Catacomb Chamber option: No
Neck: 3-pc maple w/ graphite bars 
Fingerboard: Birdseye Maple
Hardware: Black Skjold/Hipshot
Pickups: Original SC-1 Split Coils
Preamp/Electronics: Original Custom Skjold/east U-retro
Strings: Skjold Hybrids
Price: New, this bass would be over 6000.00 with all of the included options. Call or e-mail for special pre-owned discounted price.