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The Drakkar is the modern version of the classic Whaleback. A focus on ergonomics took front and center in the development of this model, curving out the back for a more elegant look. Refinements taking place over a twenty five year time span have allowed this bass to be possible today. 

Available options:
Available in 4, 5 and 6 string as an Estate or Exotic model.
Body Woods: Mahogany, Alder, Obeche 
Neck Woods: Maple, Ash, Various Exotics @ 33", 34" 35" scale
Fretboard Woods: Maple, Morado, Ebony
Electronics: Skjold/East Deluxe, Skjold/East 3-Band
Pickups: Skjold Custom Dual Coils, Skjold SC-1, Skjold/Armstrong Dual Coils



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Nardis - Damian Erskine

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"Light" Demo

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Catacomb Demo



Drakkar 6

Series: Estate
Top: Flamed
Body: Obeche
Fingerboard: Katalox
Neck: 1 piece quartersawn maple


Drakkar 6

Series: Estate
Top: Spalted Maple Burl
Body: Obeche
Fingerboard: Bubinga
Neck: 3 piece quartersawn maple



Drakkar5 01 thumb Drakkar5 04 thumb
Drakkar5 02 thumb Drakkar5 05 thumb

Top: Stained Box Elder
Body: Obeche
Fingerboard: Maccassar Ebony
Neck: 1 piece quartersawn maple


Drakkar6 01 thumb Drakkar6 02 thumb
Drakkar6 03 thumb Drakkar6 04 thumb

Top: Bubinga
Body: Obeche
Fingerboard: Ziricote
Neck: 1 piece quartersawn maple