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Custom ceramic/steel dual coil
Standard on all models

Skjold Design has been obsessed with pickups first collaborating with Lane Poor back in 1993, while searching for the perfect pickups to use in the first Skjold prototype in 1992. This obsession continues to this day and Skjold Design has been very lucky to find an OEM company who could make our ideal pickup that was as balanced tonally as anything we have ever experienced. These pickups don't color the natural sound of the bass to which they are installed. They have a great wide frequency range, which works great with the Skjold/East deluxe preamp. These pickups feature a dual bar design with ceramic and steel as the sensors. They are capable of producing modern tones with glassy highs as well as vintage tones full of warmth and low end. The midrange is very balanced taking on the natural character of the woods used for the bass. These are the first choice for versatile tone and all around application for my Skjold basses.


Neodymium split coil
** Optional on all models**

The sc-1 split coil has been a part of the classic Skjold sound since 2004 when we first collaborated with Sheldon Dingwall to make these OEM pickups for Skjold Design. The fact that they use neodymium magnets gives these pickups a great range of frequency response. Because the coil is a split coil in a reverse-P configuration, the coil sounds much more like a single coil pickup than a dual coil, but remains hum cancelling. The combination of split coil and neo magnets in a reverse-P configuration also means you get the most modern tone of any of the Skjold pickup choices. Having the coil that is dedicated to the treble strings further forward helps to even out the response of the higher strings and make them a bit fuller sounding than having the coils in the traditional P placement. These pickups are recommend to players who slap more than 60% of the time, as the natural voice of these pickups is very well suited to this style of playing. They also have a bit of an upper mid bump which make them great for aggressive finger style and pick playing. They work great with the Skjold/East preamp and are a favorite of Skjold players like David Dyson.

Currently, through an arrangement and collaboration with Dingwall guitars and Nordstrand pickups, Carey Nordstrand now makes these pickups for me at Nordstrand Pickups. These are the same pickup designs and materials as the originals and Sheldon Dingwall has signed off on them as such. Thanks to the two of them Skjold Design can still offer these great pickups as an option on ordered basses.


Custom ceramic/steel dual coil
** Optional on all models**

When it comes to custom pickups for handmade basses there isn't anyone who has been doing it longer than Kent Armstrong, inheriting the career from his famed father Dan Armstrong. Over the years Skjold Design has called on Kent to make special sets of pickups for various instruments and players. The need started when Skjold Design was looking for a pickup with a full low mid character, which would enhance the natural low end of the bass it was being installed in, namely the first basses being built for Damian Erskine. After several prototypes we finally hit the nail on the head. These dual coils use a ceramic and steel bar-type design, which results in a very broad spectrum with a slight accentuation in the lower mids but still retains detail in the upper mids and treble frequencies. We love to use these pickups for players looking for that focused finger style tone right out of the box with little or no EQ added. These make a great pairing with body woods such as obeche and Spanish cedar or any other where the low mids are featured. These are the best choice for fretless and for articulate finger style tone like that on the catacomb models. If you are a fan of the tone Damian Erskine gets than you will love these custom wound pickups in your Skjold bass.