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In Stock - Drakkar 5 Fretless



This fretless catacomb Drakkar features the exclusive catacomb chambers that give this bass an acoustic quality to the attack of the note but also enhances it's resonance. With this comes extended sustain and a very singing like quality to the upper register. The bass also features luminlay side dots and lines for easy playing in dimly lit stages.

See Tony Grey Demo this bass!

Scale Length: 33"
Strings: 5 String, tuned E-C
Body: Obeche
Top: Stained Boxelder
Back: Boxelder
Catacomb Chamber option: Yes
Neck: 1-piece quartersawn maple
Fingerboard: Maccassar Ebony
Hardware: Skjold/Hipshot - black
Pickups: Two custom Armstrong in Ramp system
Preamp/Electronics: Skjold/East SPM 3-band
Strings: LaBella low tension flats
Price: 7730.00