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Options list and custom order pricing
Standard base pricing for all custom orders

MINIMUM DEPOSIT IS 30% OF SELLING PRICE AND ONCE RECEIVED THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS OF THE DEPOSIT. Please do not send a deposit unless you are totally commited to the final product. Full payment is due upon completion of the bass. If, at the time of completion, full payment is not made you will have 30 days to pay the full amount. After 30 days if payment has not been received in full you will forfeit your deposit and the bass will be sold to another party.

4-string 3600.00
5-string 3700.00 
6-string 3800.00 


top woods*
standard grades 500.00 
5A grades start at 600.00
exhibition grades start at 800.00
*back woods same as above

catacomb chambering option available on drakkar and whaleback body shapes 400.00.

** catacomb option requires purchase of top and back laminates and wood control cover for a total of 1150.00 minimum cost.

morado ( pau ferro ) standard no upcharge
quarter sawn maple standard no upcharge
mac ebony 600.00
3a bird's eye maple 350.00 
4a-5a bird's eye maple 550.00 
flamed maple 350.00 
cocobolo 400.00 domestic sales only 
bocote 400.00 
ziricote 600.00
katalox 250.00
figured katalox 600.00
east indian rosewood 400.00
marblewood 500.00
pau amarillo ( yellowheart )400.00
various amazon rosewoods 400-500.00

fingerboard inlays
dots of abalone, mother of pearl, luminlay 150.00
blocks of abalone, mother of pearl , luminlay 700.00
blocks of various exotic woods 800.00
custom inlays starting at 300.00 for 12th fret inlay.

1-piece quarter sawn premium maple standard no upcharge
5-pc neck of figured maple 800.00
3-pc ash  500.00
3-pc Maple 300.00
3-pc exotic 400-500 

Heel plate overlay to match fingerboard 65.00
heel plate overlay to match top 75.00
headplate to match top 200.00
transfer decal logo in black, silver, gold standard no upcharge
pearl logo155.00 

2 Piece Bridge 255.00 
Headless System :
4 String 400.00 
5 String 425.00 
6 String 450.00

-Skjold custom 3-band active passive standard no upcharge
-custom Skjold/east 3-band ( volume, blend, treble, mid, bass active/passive )400.00
-custom Skjold/deluxe deluxe 3-band stacked volume/blend ( active blending ) active/passive tone, voiceable treble, sweepable mids , voiceable bass. 450.00
custom pickups
-custom Aguilar Super Double dual coils 100.00 (standard on Exotic Series)
-skjold/armstrong custom dual coils 180.00
-skjold sc-1 neos by dingwall/nordstrand 180.00
-skjold proprietary ramp/pickup system black cast epoxy 225.00, wood ramp 500.00

wood accents
wood shell pickups 500.00
wood knobs of ebony, maple, morado.
Wood knobs for 3-band ( 5 solid knobs ) 150.00
wood knobs for deluxe skjold/east ( 3 solid, two stacked ) 205.00
wood knobs that match topwood + 50.00 a set.
Wood tuners: ebony, morado, maple
4-string 225.00 ( match top +50.00 )
5-string 275.00 
6-string 325.00 
wood strap buttons 100.00
wood control cover 150.00  ** may be more to match backwood if back wood laminate applies.

usa custom leather skjold strap 125.00
available in red, black, natural, tan, and dark brown.