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Skjold Design Guitars is very excited to be bringing back JP Basses! If you are interested in these instruments feel free to email me to find out more.
-Pete Skjold

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Best in Show NAMM 2011 - Bass Gear Magazine!!

Once again, NAMM was a blast! (2011)

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Hello, my name is Peter Skjold (pronounced Shold).  I am very pleased you have stopped by.

     I would like to introduce you to my passion, bass guitars!  In my almost twenty years as a professional bass player, I have been on the constant quest for the most tonally versatile and playable musical instruments available.  This ultimately led me to design and commission my own basses in 1992.  By 1996, I was making saw dust and refining what would become the “Standard ‘92” design.  It is with my experience as both player and luthier that I feel most able to benefit you, the customer.

     I build the full line of Custom Handmade Basses in my shop here in Ohio.  Excellence is what I use to measure everything I offer, from playability, comfort and balance, value, and of course, prompt, friendly customer service. 

     I build these instruments by hand without the aid of CNC machines or pre-fabricated guitar bodies or necks.  I start from raw materials to make my bodies, necks and fingerboards.  I control the quality of materials I use as well as the cost.  This gives you, the customer, freedom to choose the best woods at the most affordable prices.

     My design goals center on some specific points that I would like to share with you.  Here they are:

     Versatile electronics that allow the player to explore several styles of music and bass guitar effects using one instrument - I am currently installing a custom made preamp made for my basses by John East.  You can learn more about his great products at his site  Check out my “Standard Features” for more in depth information on my custom Skjold/East preamps.

     Transparent custom bass pickups with a wide frequency range - I use a special hand made pickup custom made for my basses.  They are superbly balanced in tone.  You can choose the wood that best suits your style and tone without the coloration from the pickup that can work against certain tone woods.

     Light weight well-balanced instruments – All of my designs hold this as a rule.  I feel this is a very important point to consider if you plan on playing a bass on stage for several hours.  When you hold one of my basses, you will be pleasantly surprised at their light weight.  Some of my basses have weighed as little as 6.5 lbs.  They average between 8-9 lbs.  When you strap one of my basses on to your body, you will feel how it balances in the playing position.  The upper horn prevents neck diving, so you won’t have the constant nagging pain in your neck and shoulders.  Placement of the rear strap button allows the bass’s weight to be evenly distributed across your entire back.  This makes for a comfortable playing experience.

     Consistency of product – From the very beginning, I realized how important consistency from bass to bass is.  I have incorporated many production techniques that insure a very consistent result.

     High quality materials and components – I use only the highest quality components such as HipShot products custom made for my basses.  All of my wood is either hand picked by me or by trusted sources.

     I believe once you get one of my basses in your hands you will immediately understand the advantage of owning a bass guitar from Skjold Design Guitars.

     Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have at  You can see what my customers have to say on their very own forum

Thank you for stopping by!

Be Well,

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